Your Ford key fob makes life a bit easier for you when you are getting in and out of your Ford vehicle. However, what happens when your key fob loses its program, making it useless? How do you get your key fob to work again?

Luckily, reprogramming your key fob is simple!

  1. First, make sure you have all of your fobs in your Ford vehicle. Then, put your key in the ignition and leave it in the beginning position (also known as the “off” position).
  2. Lock and unlock your doors. You will now have ten minutes to reprogram your fabs; if you do not do it in this timeframe you will have to redo the locking cycle again.
  3. Turn your key from the off position to the run position (the position before you actually start your vehicle) and then back to the off position seven times. It’s important to use a rhythm, making sure every motion happens in the same amount of time. On the seventh time leave your key in the “run” position.” The door locks should then cycle through, as though you had pushed the lock button. The system is now in “program mode.”
  4. Push either the lock or unlock button on the fob you are programming. The locks will respond to that command. Repeat this will all of your fobs.
  5. Turn your key back to the “off” position and test all of your fobs to make sure they work.

If you have any issues or questions you are always more than welcome to visit our service team at McGrath Ford in Cedar Rapids, IA! Our team would be more than happy to assist you!

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